Please use forum categories correctly

Please try to use the categories for the purpose they are intended.

Each category has a description, and these are listed here.

#non-drone is not for anything that is not drone related … it is for photos/videos that are not taken by done.


For general posts that have nothing to do with drones, please use the #droning-on category.



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Seen as I’m probably the latest culprit to fall shy of this, is there any way to make the mobile view stick on IOS, otherwise the categories descriptions don’t show.

Hi could you expand on what you mean as I’ve had tons of issues here with things jumping around the screen and wonder if that’s what you mean by ‘stick’ or am I just grasping at straws :thinking: :joy:

Make sure that on your phone you are viewing the forum as ‘mobile view’ press the hambuger icon (3 lines at the side of your avatar, top right) and there is the desktop/mobile view option.

Sometimes if your’e switching between laptop/phone (sometimes mid post in my case) then the phone can throw you into desktop view.

Close all your tabs on the safari phone browser, log in and out of the forum on both laptop and phone and it will remember your choice (mostly).

Hope this helps

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Cheers I will give that a go later today :smiley:

Hi tried that I don’t have a laptop since my Samsung gave up power supply internally

I did go to the menu on both my phone & iPad and both showing ‘Mobile’ as being set just for the sake of it I toggled back and forth on both or should that be forth and back Anyway now both on ‘Mobile’ which is what was originally showing So I’ll see what happens Thank for your helpful suggestions Always willing to learn Experience is a wonder thing to share and it’s ‘free’