Pleasly winding house


This is the old winding house at Pleasly pit . Pronounced Plesly … It is now a country park and museum maintained by the friends of Pleasly trust .
The caretaker came across to me while i was filming and asked me if i would’t mind letting him have a copy of the shoot .
He wanted it for the screens inside the reception .
Nice .


Now, that’s a great way to break the ice with people, perfect example.
Well done for doing that !.


By the way Shane, a big welcome to GADC !.


Just be friendly . You never know .


Thank you .


I love stuff like this Shane.

The whole industrial revolution fascinates me.

Can you imaging trying to build a canal network across the UK now? With no JCB’s or power tools? It would cost BILLIONS.

Thanks for sharing the video :+1:t2:


Mainly built by “immigrants”, too. That wouldn’t be allowed … after 29/3/19! :wink: #TheBWord


Your right on that one .
It was manly done by the Irish workers . Manual digging and hard labour .