Plymouth Droners Opportunity?

A German U-Boat is at present in the Channel…U-35. (No Mortimer not a WW2 type- a modern one) :))… Last time it was seen it entered Plymoiuth Sound and up to Devonport. Looks like its on course for another visit. At present ( noon 15th)
its about 30 miles South of Portland plodding along at 5 knots…



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Talking of subs. I remember being on the flight deck of a carrier when the call …“attention on the flight and weather decks…face to port” sounded (usually when another vessel passes and salutes a more senior Capt)…Nothing in sight…the “carry on” was called and I walked forwrd and had a look and there was an X-craft (midget sub) with Capt waist high thro its small hatch type c/tower …
A few years later Cameron VC was Captain of the Air Station I was at…
He stuck the mine under the Tirpitz using an X-Craft.

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I shall be on the look out for her. She would steam right past my house if she enters Devonport.
Thanks for the heads up.

Seems U-35 at 9pm last night decided to turn South when 40 miles due south of Plymouth. :roll_eyes: