Polar Pro cinematic ND Filters

Ok so I purchased the ND4-16, which I use regularly I also purchased the ND32,32 polarizer and ND 64 and 64 polarizer as a set which are new and unused as really do not think I will have a use for them in this country, could anyone tell me anything different or give me advice please M2 Zoom

I’m thinking about getting ND32 and 64 filters for my M2Z as well, but mainly to see if I can get a slow enough shutter speed for some blurred water shots, not for the sunshine. If I’ve no hope of that, someone please tell me before I splash the cash!

Sounds like you two could simply swap filters and cash with each other :+1:t2:


It would depend on price as I was looking at Skyreats rather than Polar Pros :grinning:

Hi @kvetner I think I paid just over£100 for them to be honest I might never use but if you would like you can try mine out to see if you get the result you are looking for it’s ok with me just let me know, I would be very interested in your results

I’ll let you know. Not planning any suitable locations any time soon!

No probs well here if you want to try going to keep hold of them rather then sell and find I need them but you can borrow with pleasure @kvetner


Used mine for for the first time to do exactly that last weekend. I messed up the composition a bit, but the actual effect with the water was spot on.

[edit: turn off the visual positioning over the water… took me a bit to figure out why it was driving down stream]

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Driving? Drifting.

Even driving was better than diving down stream. :wink:

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