Police and Drones!

So my local force Devon and Cornwall have been using drones for a while now to target crime, and now they are doing talks/courses about the laws and drone code. Anyone else’s force doing the same?

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I’m in the BTP and were are just setting up a drone unit as part of the department I work in. They were trained by the Essex Police Drone unit who lead the way at the moment in this kind of stuff, and I know the Met have one as well. Much cheaper to buy, train and operate than a full heli and lots of useful applications for our daily work.

What kind of equipment do the forces use guys? Is it all DJI stuff?

Are the courses free of charge for the public to attend?

I spoke to the armed unit commander and they in fact use the Mavic due to its size.

As for the other units they use the inspire 2 with a duo Flir camera.

Courses are £20 in my area.

Photo from Devon and Cornwall police drone unit

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Oh yeah whatever, next your be telling me pigs can fly?


I love the battenburg stickers on the Inspire :smiley:

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