Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - Added to Rivers & Canals in the Cymru Wales region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk


I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk


The level of definition in that is absolutely superb! Which drone was it shot on?

Great colours, too! :+1:


Thanks… I was a bit disappointed in it overall…thats mainly due to the weather though. You cant brighten up a dull day I guess.

Recorded in D-Log and then edited in Davinci
Mavic 2 Pro :smile:


So that’s 10bit DLog-M H.265?

It turned out incredibly well.


Yes, does work really well. Normally just dropping the DJI LUT on is almost enough, but had to do quite a bit more on this one to bring it out a bit


Ill need to get some tips off you. Last time I tried I struggled to export using dlog-m.


Do you mean you couldnt watch them on your pc?
Windows 10 doesnt seem to have any inbuilt encoders for 265…I had to pay microshaft about 65p to enable media player etc to play the raw footage


No I could play the footage through Windows using VLC.

Problems were when editing in Resolve studio. I optimised media, managed to edit smoothly but always failed exporting to H.264.

With premiere it was a pig to edit even at 1/4 quality but eventually did export.

Went back to 8bit H.264 on normal profile but would like to give the 10bit footage another shot.


Ah right. Not really sure then.
I had no problems in Davinci, everything ran smoothly.
Are you running the free version 15?


The free version didn’t support Dlog-m when I tried so had to use studio.

Might be my computers not up to the job.