Pontsticill Spillway

This was shot last summer when we’d had many days of dryness and Wales supplying water across the country…

As the title states, this is the spillway at Pontsticill (bridge near a stile) Reservoir. At the time I wasn’t sure how the drone would handle as the winds were quite high and I was new to the MA. But I was very pleasantly surprised by its stability.


That’s a cracking photo @stubbyd :clap:t2:

Were you not tempted to descend down the bell mouth for a looksee??

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Not with the high gusting winds that day…bear in mind that this was my new drone having lost my prior to a sudden gust on what was a still day. :smile:

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Nice one @stubbyd

Even though I know the area, I would never have identified it as Pontsticill :+1:

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And a very similar shot in January this year.


Great to see the contrasts between the two from the muddy brown low water to the bluer one with the water back.

I plan to return sometime to hopefully grab a similar one with water this time.

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I love it up that way, @imleonbrown is often up there as well.

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Me as well but finding time is always the issue for me. Maybe this weekend as i never go away on BH’s.

Might even try and persuade the fam to join me and do a tromp up Pen-y-fan.

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I’m working this weekend, if you go up Pen y Fan remember it’s National Trust :wink:

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They’ll have to catch me first. :rofl:


That’s the sort of talk I like !!, man after me own heart !!.

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Yeah, I had some tosser with a lanyard telling me the, sorry, his idea of the rules when I was walking down tracking us from a reasonable distance, I was too knackered to argue so just walked off :laughing:

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