Port Erin - Isle of Man

Here is a video of a flight I did recently around Port Erin bay in the south of the Isle of Man. ToaL was from the grass bank at the end of Station Road overlooking the beach and the bay. There is access to the beach via steep steps, or an equally steep road down to the promenade, with my wheelchair neither were accessible.

Port Erin is easily accessed from Douglas by either the Manx Steam Railway or bus, both are wheelchair accessible. (Note: not all stations on the Manx Steam Railway are equally wheelchair accessible, some stations have half height platforms making the ramp the staff use to assist very steep.)

There is a cafe at Port Erin railway station that serves a good cuppa’ tea and lovely ice cream (tea and ice cream feature a lot in my drone trips.)

The weather on this second day of my trip was much better than they grey and miserable day previous, and the sea looked almost Mediterranean blue

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I did a second flight here lower than the grass bank that I was on but, unfortunately, forgot to record!!!