Porth Beach & Island, North Cornwall

A quick flight around Newquay Porth Beach & Island, on a choppy, windy day



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Thank you so much

nice camera work!

You didn’t decide to fly beneath the bridge then? :joy:

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Many thanks. There’s an earlier clip on my channel from over a year ago when I did go underneath it, but this time, there was just too much spray from the waves. I lost my first ever Mavic2 due to spray so am particularly cautious where any unexpected waves are

I enjoyed that - thanks.

Nice to see you made a personal appearance. :clapper: :clap:


Haha. I’m actually in pretty much all the clips I post. My stepsomn plays a game every time trying to find me!!

Another nice upload jezbot, I thought porth was restricted air space !

Many thanks for the kind words. It’s REALLY close to the airport NFZ, but if you take off by the bridge, keep mainly to the Newquay side of the island and don’t go too close to the road, you can avoid it. When I was walking back to the car, I stopped by the concrete seats by the river flowing across the beach to film a bit more (where I filmed the Timelapse with my Pocket 2) but even that was in the NFZ

Nicely captured

Wish i was closer so i could visit myself

Many thanks