Portsmouth By Night - Mavic 2 Pro

Thought I’d try a quick flight up Portsdown Hill (between the controlled flight area and the HIRTA zone, totally legal and safe! I checked!) for a quick test of night photos and the hyperlapse setting on Mavic 2 Pro.

Here @PingSpike!, Have I earned some kind of badge??? :slight_smile:


Very good but…are you sure you’re not stalking me?! I work at PDH! :flushed::laughing:


Alas - there are no badges, that you’ve not already been awarded, that are relevant.

Nice pics/vid, though.

Is there scope for the focus being a little sharper next time?
I have to admit, getting optimum focus for night shots has been my disappointment.
Probably a big screen (CS?) might help … and then, as you tweak to get it as good as one can, you are getting colder and the drone’s batteries are getting lower - so one goes with something that’s not quite perfect.

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Nice, I like the hyperlapse especially.

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Oh I missed so many things! Forgot to put it into tripod mode and had to stablize it in Final Cut afterwards. Def need to think about focus. I was more worried about light, exposure and not getting the police called out for some weirdo in a field at night!

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Love the Hyperlapse !, what were your camera settings?
Must get out and play more over Christmas with my M2P !.
and also try the night hyperlapse mode.

God knows! :slight_smile: I did it by eye.

No filters, manual mode, iso100, largest aperture, slide shutter speed til it looked right :wink:

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Same as stills? The exif of the stills will tell you.


Been a bit preoccupied last few weeks so missed these Glenn - close to me but I have only flown a few times on Portsdown and never at night - another one to try in 2019! Great images and really like the hyperlapse :raised_hands:

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