Portsmouth Sunset 360

Finally set up a Kuula account.
First 360 with the Mavic Air 2

Portsmouth Harbour Sunset.


H+S AVIATION??? :wink: :wink:

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Very nice. It’s an interesting area, Old Portsmouth and the Garrison Church. Is that walking distance for you?

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Real nice I was at southsea common the other day but only have a parrot bebop 2 but enjoy it

I’m in Eastney just by the Royal Marine museum so a short bike ride, very nice area old Portsmouth.

Nice! I’ve had my mavic 2 for just over a year now and I’ve never actually done a 360 shot yet. I think I should have a go after seeing this :+1:

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Thanks, this was my first attempt at it I’ve never done one before or used kuula so bit of a learning curve.

Any help you need there are a few tutorial on here, remember Kuula is only a gallery site, you do all the work in stitching software before uploading to them for sharing.

Need any help give me a shout

Great shot

Is there any software or programs which are best suited for this? I use a MacBook Pro if that helps.
Thanks, lewis.

I’ll message you (probably tomorrow) I use auto pano giga (best stitching for Mac), it’s now discontinued and expensive, but there are ways round that depending on your viewpoint :wink:

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See here


Is this what you mean?

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That’s the chap.

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Nice thanks for that guys I’ll get to downloading it :+1:t2:

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