Possible newbie from Northampton

Contemplating spending my Xmas money on a Mini 2. Just concerned with all the regs and byelaws I’ll have nowhere to fly it.:slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Adrian (@Blackbird196) and welcome to GADC.

Check out the new regs for the Mini 2 you’ll be surprised how much freedom this little drone gives you.

Check out our very own DroneScene for places to fly

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Hi Adrian and welcome to GADC.

The Mini 2 will be pretty unrestricted from the 31st December.

It is unlikely to be quite as forgiving to wind than larger drones - but there is always a tradeoff.

Thanks for the :+1:, but the new regs still seem vague. My local council say drones aren’t allowed in parks, so do I have to take off from the road when it’s free of traffic then fly to the park. I assume I can he within 50m of people so can I take off from my garden? Can I fly along the canal or does the council own that as well. I don’t want to annoy or even see anyone but I just want to stay within the rules. From what I’ve read it’s not that clear.

@Blackbird196 whereabouts are you in Northants?

Hunsbury area of Northampton.

I suppose it’s too far out for you to join our club over in Corby. Have you thought about joining a club?

You can overfly the park, no issues, if bylaws prevent you from taking off in it. Although as the CAA I think class it as a toy the rules may not even apply - I guess it depends upon the wording…

In the A1 legacy you can fly almost anywhere, but you should avoid overflying people if possible. There isn’t a 50m requirement with the mini 2 - there is for larger drones if flown in A2 category with an A2 CofC qualification - within A3 you need to be 150m.

See this post which has some images from @kvetner and this post also from @kvetner which shows the various open categories that the drones falls in to.

This all applies from 31st December 2020.

Hope that helps and welcome once again.

I did do search for clubs in Northampton but didn’t find any, Corby is not too far so I might consider coming over. Thx.

Many thx for the info.

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“You’re more than welcome to pop over as my guest for morning flying”.

Many thx for the invite. Are you part of Corby model flying? When and where do you fly. It’s nice that drones are allowed as I don’t think Npton club allows them. Drones just seem to be no.no. with everyone unless you fly them and understand the rules.As per my opening post I’m still contemplating buying the mini 2 which I know I’ll enjoy, and your comments are appreciated.

I am part of the Corby club, I’m the training officer there, we have a few slots left for 2021.

We share a site with the Welland Gliding club, we have great facilities, club house with kitchen, sitting and repairs area, tarmac hard standing and access to the Gliding Club’s toilet, kitchen and conference area too.

We can fly 24 / 7 normally but are now subject COVID restrictions, we coordinate on WhatsApp to ensure we don’t exceed the permitted numbers.

Towing the club house down the runway to it’s new site.

Your club looks great, but I’ve still to buy my drone. I’d like to meet re possibly joining your club if you accept beginners. I think I need the persuasion/confidence to take the plunge. I am fairly flexible so can pop over most mornings or a weekend if more suitable.

There’s no required skill to join the club, just be be a friendly kind of person. Let’s get New year out of the way and then meet-up.

I’ll might let you fly my Mavic…:wink:

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You wouldn’t let me near your inspire :slightly_frowning_face:

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“You reading between the lines”? It’s Mavic Pro.

I think I might let you fly the Inspire now if we meet again…:wink:

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Sounds a good idea👍

Curry long over due, so fingers crossed for the summer ;o)

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