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What is everyone using for video post production? I haven’t done any of this for some years and the software has come along in leaps.

So, I figured that I would give Adobe Premiere Pro CC trial a go. Out of the first 4 clips I tried to import, only one would the other three failed because of no audio track. Not sure why one did work actually as none of them should have an audio track.

So, I am asking anyone had a similar problem with Premiere, or do you recommend another piece of software? RIght now I am on Windows, but a Mac option is a possibility for later in the year.

Interested to hear what people recommend.


Hi Geoff
I have final cut and davinci resolve final cut is Apple and expensive so have aquired(cough ) an evaluation copy…but my old iMac struggles
DaVinci is fee and for me that’s good its a bit of a learning I have found it easy to use YouTube is great to find tutorials to help when I get stuck

I like free and as a Scotsman/Yorkshire man you will too


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Having messed around a bit, I have found that the solution SEEMS to be to turn off hardware acceleration on the media preferences tab. Not sure if this is an IDEAL solution, as the footage then seems to stutter. We will see.

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Premiere is good but it’s a steep learning curve and you need a decent PC to run it. It’s also pretty expensive at £20 a month.

If your PC is struggling or you dont think you’d want to pay the month cost, I wouldn’t even bother with the trial and give something else a try.

Davinci resolve is decent and the free version is good enough for most people. It has a learning curve as well but at least your not putting in the effort to learn something in a trial period.

Not fussed about the learning curve, or the price for that matter, prepared to put in what is needed to learn, but want to buy/learn the right thing from the start. PC, is an 8th Gen Core i7 with 16GB Ram with dual nVidia/Intel graphics. Going to try moving the source footage to the SSD rather than the conventional drive and see what gives there. Just re-watched the original and its as smooth as silk so I know the issue is with Premiere’s involvement.

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Ok, your PC sounds alright so you really want to have hardware acceleration on.

When you say the footage is stuttering, is this in the preview or after export?

I was struggling with similar issues but as I have a GoPro camera I’ve discovered that I can import raw footage to GoPro editor and add audio tracks to suit, there is a bit of editing to play with but if I’m honest it does everything I want and as I’ve already got it then it makes sense

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Does Gopro editor need to see a camera during registration or something? I tried it last year but couldn’t import any footage. (I don’t have a Go pro).

I tried Premiere but it was too system hungry for my meagre laptop and to create the proxy copy you had to use another Adobe product, can’t remember what it was. I tried Resolve but didn’t like it so I’ve ended up using Powerdirector 16 Ultra, I’ve used earlier versions in the past and this runs fine on my laptop.
It would positively fly on your PC


I use Davinci Resolve 15, have been using it since Resolve 12, my PC is similar spec to yours but I have a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, I don’t film 4K for several reasons, 2.7K is more than enough for me.
If your stuttering is not down to your frame rate then it will probably be the graphics card.

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Alas, after blindly going into 4k - (TV - iPad - iPhone no problem) i found my imac which up until now was used exclusively as a DAW - (runningLogic Pro) was not up to scratch.
So I’m using offline cloud solution - WeVideo at the moment.
I’d be interested to know minimum imac spec peeps are using for Final cut.

Looking at getting Adobe Premiere Pro CC, have 2017 MacBook :computer: pro, will that run it ok ??

I’ve never had the GoPro plugged in when doing it.
First I transfer the files across to the hard drive on pc then on the GoPro editor you import the media direct from whichever folder you put it in.
You then run the clips you want to use through the converter and straight into the editing suit. Once you have played around with what you want you can import your sound and trim it to fit your footage. It then saves it as a file ready to upload straight to poo tube. Probably not the best but I’ve gotten used to it so I’m happy

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@Ninjarich1971 I might take another look in that case.

Another fan of Davinci Resolve, here! :+1:

Can’t see how its the graphics subsystem as the image plays back smooth as silk using any other MP4 player. The stuttering is simply inside of Premiere. Which I think is going the way of the uninstall. I think as others have suggested, Davinci could be the way to go and so I will give that a try.


Do you mean as you preview in Premiere, or the rendered footage?

On Preview. Had issue loading in 3 out of 4 images. solved this by turning off hardware acceleration. Then once imported, turned it back on again. However, preview stutters. Had a look at processor utilization and its not hammered or at full tilt on any core, also memory it not under pressure either so not really sure why its happening.

OK - firstly, as annoying as the stuttering might be, it’s the end result that’s important. Play with a clip a bit and final output render and see if the result is OK and not stuttering.

Most video editors are not previewing from the original video files … Premiere makes a load of low res files that it runs the preview from … and the more tweaks that have been applied the less smooth the preview gets. There’s a temporary (non-final output) render option that creates a temporary low-res version with all the tweaks applied that improves smoothness. In Premiere, as far as I recall, it’s just Enter when on the timeline.

One reason I’ve gone to Davinci is that it does all this with far less impact on the preview.

Another thing that can amplify any stuttering is if project and source video are not the same, or multiples of the same, frame rate.
If source is 29.97, make sure the project settings is the same or 59.94 … or visa-versa. If source is 29.97 and project is 25 … this could be the cause.

Let us know how you go and if any of this helps.

Edit: Another thought …. I seem to recall there’s a setting in Premiere where you can set the preview resolution. DON’T set this to source! keep it to about the size of the preview window.

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