Posting a drone

Just after a bit of advice/guidance, I’m in the process of sell my mpp and I was wondering If someone from further afield would want me to post it, if there’s certain couriers or companies people have used or would use, plus how would I go about the whole battery situation as I know batteries have to be within the item they’re shipped with I would be sending 3 batteries (one within the drone) Ideally I would prefer collection but sometimes that’s just not an option for some people, thanks in advance :+1:t2:

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I have found Parcel Force and DPD to be good and safe - do not use DHL ( they aint called Drop, Hide, Lose for nothing ). With both its best to go direct to the depot and ask for “Fragile” tape, they usually oblige. Re batteries, I think so long as you have the correct low charge and I would put them in the lipo bags if you have them. If you leave a note inside which describes the condition when sent then you should be fine. I have asked for an email so I can send a photo of it just before its handed over in the delivery office - it also helps the guys there seeing you photograph it in its pristine condition.

thanks for the reply I did wonder about DPD they’ve been pretty good with me in the past, just never posted a drone and just feels a bit risky. ill do some research with DPD and parcel force, thanks. :+1:

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If this is shopping within the UK then I don’t see the need to overthink this
Get LiPo to storage charge level, 3.8v, pack it all up in a strong cardboard box with suitable internal padding and send first class signed for post describing as’ electrical equipment’
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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I totally agree it’s easy to send and stuff,
I just don’t trust Royal Mail as I sent the dji osmo pocket power bank and case and they opened it at the posting centre and disposed of it because I wasn’t aloud to send batteries that aren’t connected to a device even though I fully labelled, described and explained it was a power bank and case in one, and the battery was permanently fixed in and couldn’t be removed.
But they destroyed it anyway and said I couldn’t claim as i had sent a prohibited item.

If you believe that they dispose of it, and go through the hassle of correct disposal, I think not!.
I bet there is a right ole scam going on in the Sorting Offices!.
“ Here Charlie!, you’ be got a Osmo, here’s a spare battery for ya !”
“ Here Charlie! , you wanted a drone for your boy for his birthday, here’s a Mavic Mini here!”

:joy: would not surprise me one bit if there was some lucrative system like that going on

I’ve never had a problem with UPS and recently had some good prices with free pickup service.
In relation to batteries, I think it’s been discussed on here a few times.
I just state a battery is attached to the item. They usually put a sticker on it, never had any problems with UPS. Post Office a nigntmare, as soon as you mention batteries, they all tell you different with some refusing to accept parcel at all.
Good luck

I think I’ll steer clear of the post office to be honest I’ll look into UPS as well thanks.

I always use Royal Mail. Make sure you declare the batteries so they affix a battery sticker to it and your golden!

The Royal Mail seems to be very vague so no wonder there is variability in acceptance by some PO’s. The Lipo section describing what is and isn’t allowed, adds “… when not sent with or connected to …” in order to clarify matters! Presumably they were consulted over thr “lock-down rules” as well?

Always works for me :smiley:
Don’t over complicate something so simple, life is too short :slightly_smiling_face: