Powis Castle from air and ground level - National Trust

Took this video a couple of weeks ago. Welsh names aren’t easy to learn hence delay!


This was fascinating. And even more so because I’ve heard of it, but never been there.

The footage and narration is on point. Don’t change the audio levels (music/mic) > spot on. Thanks for the indepth history too, I am now educated :sweat_smile:

Earl of Pembroke? Must be related as it’s my home town! Jokes aside, a sad ending for George, bless him. But he did good, gifting to the nation so that others can enjoy the wonderful place.

As always, a pleasure to watch. With each video, your skills grow and viewers reap the reward :clap:


Bravo! Brilliant piece of work, thanks for sharing.


Thx David. Great encouragment and nobody mentioned my dodgy Welsh name pronunciation! All good :+1:

Superb comments Chris, and all because I was inspired by your mini documentaries. :+1:

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To be fair, you did very well. I’m welsh and I would’ve tripped on those names.

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Play golf with a Welshman. He gave me some tips. :rofl: