Prehistoric Hut Circles - South Stack, Anglesey

A recent flight over exposed, prehistoric hut circles at South Stack, Holyhead, on the Isle of Anglesey Circa 200BC.


Great video. I do like a good aerial view of ancient sites, gives a much clearer idea of the scale and layout than when on foot.

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Yes I agree, It does give a lovely perspective you rarely get by bombing over in a plane.

Nice video Emma, was this taken with the mini se or the repaired inspire 1
( I visited your website …very impressed )……Alan

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Hi Alan, ah thanks so much, that’s very kind. Gosh there’s so many blogs I have failed to post on there (waiting to be finished), and even more making projects. Thanks though!

The footage in this video (in fact most of mine these days), is taken with the Mini SE.

The Inspire is likely to be put up for sale very soon as the kinds of places I’d have to fly it, cause me issues in the wheelchair, so it’s going unflown.