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Hello everybody i am Matteo from Italy. i own two Autel Evo II, one pro and the other is an rtk v2.


Ciao Matteo, and welcome to GADC.

Most of our members are from the UK, obviously, but you are no less welcome.

We’re a well established club with many knowledgeable members so it’s very likely that any issues you come across will have been discussed here before. Our discussion forum has very powerful search features which should help you find what you need but if you get stuck you can post a new question in the #questions-and-answers category.

Welcome once again!

Hi Matteo - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi Matteo and welcome :+1:

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Welcome Matteo. Would love to see some pictures / videos from the lovely Italy!

Hi Matteo,

Several of our members own Evos. I’m sure they will be along soon. Where do you live in Italy? I have only been to the Bergamo area - lovely city, great countryside - and excellent food!

We would love to see some pictures of where you live - this is the area around my house on the south coast of England:


Hello Beautifull place. These are two photoes i did where i live. They are about a Special park.
Hope to share a lot of pics here bye Matteo

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Welcome @Bargagliotti

Thank you