Price reduction on A2 CofC course

Ok, this is for information, I am on UAVHUB’s mailing list and have no other connection with them. It seems to be a good price but check for yourselves - first is it what you need to develop as a pilot and is it the best price/quality available.


Damn it!!!

I thought I was getting a deal with the 20% Geeksvana discount! :disappointed:

We paid full price of £250 for my A2 CofC.
It was an early 50th birthday present from my missus ( birthday tomorrow )
Imagine her laughter when I told her it was now only £150, especially as it it utterly worthless now and might even be in the future - who can tell.

That’s the very last time I opt into anything to do with drone legislation early on ( it wasn’t early compared to the expected start of July 1st ).
Feeling miffed does not portray the true gravity of it.
These price drops across the training suppliers smacks of a race to the bottom to be honest - especially with the start dates being moved three times.


I think it’s great for consumers to a point, but also introduces further uncertainty into an already uncertain industry. Remember when a PfCO meant something and was about £1500, then a grand, £600, £500, £250!
Now you can get PfCO, GVC and A2 CofC for about £500 or so - stick it out and they may come down to £300 for the lot.
All great if they come to fruition in the industry, and maybe drone manufacturers will introduce CE stamped drones - probably.
There comes a point my old man told me that you drop your prices too low
and they portray desperation - especially in this current climate.
We’ll see.


Now £99, business must be bad.

Race to the bottom well underway