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Im thinking of selling some of my images as prints can anyone here recommend a good professional printer at a reasonable price to use for printing up to A0 I think thats around 1 mtr wide. Ive been told to look at the Canon T20 or Canon T30 has anyone here used these printers or can recommend one.

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Not quite the right wording Dave…I stand corrected.

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Not correcting - just chuckling. :wink:

No problem Dave any how Ive adjusted the message…lol

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Hi Barry, try Snapfish. They’re one of the online printers. I’ve used them for my prints and they’ve been really reasonably priced and quick to turn around. Plus they’re always doing offers. Not sure if they print as large as A0 though…

Echo the above

Buy yourself a nice A3 printer for the run of the mill sales, and try find a local lab/service for the larger jobs, probably more cost effective in the long run.

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I’ve used - very reasonable cost and next day delivery.

They do A0 & A1

For A0 you’re in the plotter market not printers and plotters = £££££ I work for a reprographics company as a technical specialist. Like what’s been said above you’d be better off getting an A3 printer and out sourcing anything bigger.

But if you PM me your details I can submit a sales lead form at my work and they will contact you to find out your needs and will give you a quote for a plotter. We also supply office grade MFDs (Multi Functional Devices) in A4+/A3+ with some nice quality paper the print outs are extremely good for office kit.

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there are plenty of A0/A1 poster printers on ebay had a photos printed quality is good make sure you supply a file that is high quality if you want a good image, unless you going to be printing a large number not worth getting you own ,i worked in print and they are cheap the inks and paper dont come cheap

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If you have any one off requirements try Rob at 0161 711 0779. He does large format printing…

Thanks Oliver for the info.

Thanks Chris for the info.

Ian appreciate the info.

Deano thanks for the info I may do as you suggest and gets an A3 printer.

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Kev thanks for the information.

Thanks again for the info.

I bought an Epson XP-900 printer last year (now apparently replaced by Epson XP-970) and it prints up to and including A3 and any photographs that I print are of excellent quality, both B/W & colour. They would not be any better from a printing house. It is also a very good scanner. It can be wireless and has a CD tray as well. I have no connection with the following but have attached it for a brief specification.

Thanks for the info sounds like a good printer I shall check it out.

Before you print anything, if you haven’t yet done so I’d highly recommend calibrating your screen correctly. You may find it’s quite bright at the moment so your prints would look disappointingly dark. I made this mistake once.

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