Problem with Davinci Resolve

I seem to be getting along ok with Davinci Resolve but I have a problem I can’t sort. When I add a title box it just plays as black screen but when I pause it I can see the vid and title???

Strange … although I do seem to remember having this problem once when I first started using Resolve.

Just checked … dragging a Title effect (scroll/text/etc) to an upper video track and it just works.

Yes that’s what it seems to do on all the tutorials I’ve watched but it doesn’t work with me :angry::angry:thank you.

I’ll tinker again, later, and see if I can recall what I discovered I had done incorrectly, a few months back, when I had something similar.

Brilliant thank you.

Not managed to replicate your problem, sorry.

Ok thanks for trying. I will see what happens the next time I use it.

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It’s been a long time but I sorted it by reinstalling the program.

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Ha! Glad it’s sorted, anyway! :+1: