Probs going to sell my Mavic Air

Happy to sell it here, but in case it doesn’t then wondering what the inmate^H^H^H locals think is a reasonable price?

It’s an original Mavic Air with the Fly More kit. I also have a few extras like props, car charger and filters. Never been crashed, flown perhaps 50 times in the last 4 or so years of ownership (damn you pandemic) and for a distance of approx 100km.

My thought is to ask for £300 to allow room for “bargaining” …

Same answer we give everyone mate, check the sold items on eBay over the last two months, that’ll tell you exactly how much people are paying - or not, as the case may be.

I’ll also add, December and January are the worst possible times to sell anything.

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True, and I should have said I’ve already checked both eBay and FB Market for prices - both places I think are generally over priced.

Mostly why I’ve come here to see what folks think. No worries if not. And whilst I think about it, I’m in no rush so can wait until Feb 1st to sell :rofl:


The original Mavic Air is a useful piece of kit, capable of producing excellent images and with the bonus of being under 500 grams.

Check Good to go for Mavic Air with A2CofC . You can fly close to uninvolved people (0-30m) in all areas

You can fly because:

  • Flying this close to people is Open sub-category A1
  • Your drone is <500g and can be flown in Open sub-category A1 using your A2 CofC, close to but not over uninvolved persons

For the Air 2 (570grams) the picture with the same qualifications is different:

You cannot fly because:

  • Flying this close to people is Open sub-category A1
  • You could only fly your drone this close to uninvolved persons with a drone weighing <250g, or a drone weighing 250-500g and holding the A2 CofC qualification

So for £300 you are offering a capable aircraft with a great camera, three batteries and various accessories, that for those prepared to take a fairly simple exam can be used almost as universally as a Mini2 - and has collision avoidance!

Bargain :slight_smile:

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The original Air camera always punched well above the apparent specs.

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Thanks Robert … you’ve saved me a job as in my planning I intended to use the ‘Good to Go’ tool to show what is feasible.

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Probably one of the reasons I stuck with it for so long. That and I couldn’t justify a regular update to newer hardware.