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Not sure if this has been done before, we don’t seem to have a category for it. Has anyone else purchased one of these?

I have ordered an aftermarket case for the MP2 (see pics) and will post a review of it when it arrives for anyone who is interested, it seems well made and thought out and even appears to be able to hold an iPad or tablet. We’ll see when it arrives. .

Was it those legs that made you buy it?

Lol. Sad as it might seem, I was more interested in the drone…but now you’ve pointed out the legs…phwooir


May not be relevant since this is for an M2, but I did buy the equivalent Pgytech case for the Mavic Air and I did not like it. I ended up binning it because it used an elastic webbing system to hold accessoryis which was not very good. That does not appear to be present in the M2 case but my overall aim for a case it to hold EVERYTHING I need so I don’t have to carry multiple items. Just sling it over your shoulder and go. The MA version did not provide enough room for monitor or helipad. Also I did not like the overall feel or quality of it.

In the end I got a 3rd party case which I am very happy with.

That said, I generally rate pgytech accessories.



Thanks, I hope they’ve improved it. And yes I agree with you about carrying everything in one case. I have the MP2 batteries and controller in one, the helipad in another, the battery charger in yet another, iPad in another, and various bits n bibs floating about, all in a small hold-all. So hoping I can at least try & try to get things into one…we’ll see.


+1 on that, usually very good kit.

Check out @mickydd’s kit bag, I was very impressed at what he can fit in it ;o)


see you got it wrong Chris its was an M&S freezer bag but close :grin:

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Mines the cheaper 5p option. Other colours and logos available


I have a rucksack with plenty of pockets for all the bits and pieces. The main body carries bigger items like the landing pad, iPad, etc, but there’s not enough room to carry the DJI Fly More case so I was looking for something to protect the Mavic itself. I saw the PGYTECH Mavic 2 Mini Carrycase and thought that would do nicely. Should arrive in a day or two.
image image image

I think it would be a good idea if we had a separate section for members to add rewiews of drone accessories

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I agree Brian.
I can kick it off with the M and S freezer bag, plenty of space, max street cred, keeps everything chilled. 5*