Project Great Orme

Thought I might roll my sleeves up and have a go at doing my little project on the Great Orme.

Lovely place, lots to do. Enjoy the tour, comments welcome👍.


Excellent video Ady @Leylo1971, very well done and a superb advertisement for the area :clap: :clap:

Fascinating video, and great edit too :clap: Well done, Ady :+1:

I wasn’t aware of the mines. Just reading up on them, really interesting …

The Great Orme Mines in Llandudno boast over 5 miles of explored tunnels and passageways. In 2005 it was awarded the title of ‘The Largest Prehistoric Copper Mines in the World’ by the Guinness World Records Team.

The copper ore malachite was mined using stones and bone tools . It is estimated that up to 1,760 tonnes of copper was mined during the period.

The site was worked for a period of up to a thousand years creating a vast array of tunnels, some so small they could have only been dug out by children around 5 or 6 years old. The miners used animal fat candles to light their way in passages that extended for miles and went up to 220 feet below the surface.

Nice one, thank you👍

Cheers Chris :+1:. It’s well worth the walk around down the caves if you ever visit. So cramped, cold and dinghy.

As your walking through there are info boards placed on the walls telling about the conditions and procedures that they used to use. Frightening! :scream:. No HSE back then mate. A bit like when I started off doing site work in the 80s​:rofl:.

Excellent video. Went to Llandudno last October for a short visit. Lovely town :+1:

Epic video Ady - I normally loose interest after a couple of minutes or so but that held my attention for the full 10.25 minutes - and I wanted to see more.

A very professional job indeed :clap: :clap: :clap:

The people and businesses of Llandudno will love you - bound to attract more visitors into the area :+1: :+1: :+1:

Great Video Ady :+1:

Been there loads of times, but didn’t know half of that existed :scream: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks👍. It is but it’s murder parking

Cheers Wayne👍.

The hidden little treasures​:grin:. I’ve give you a reason to revisit then :+1:.

That toboggan up at the ski slope, if you haven’t been on it, looks quite slow, and yeh kids ride it. Try going down and not using the brake then things get really interesting :scream:.

Aside from doing a kamakazi on the toboggan, the mines are interesting and it’s just a plain good old day out all round if the weathers good :+1:

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What a superb video. Well planned, well filmed and informative. Really enjoyed the tour. Well done.

Thanks Chris👍.

I thought I’d put a little effort into this one, I normally rush them out. Plus I thought I may have made it too long, but seems not, people actually like it😁

Thanks again.

Superb video of a place I know well from walking and cycling when I used to live there as a kid. Shared with my dad as still lives there, never seen it look as good or from these angles

Wow, thanks mate👍. Nice to know I’ve replicated it realistically coming from somebody who’s lived there😁.

It makes making these vids worthwhile recieving comments like that one. Hope your Dad enjoys it :+1:

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He just replied and loved it, and wants to go up to the top of Happy Valley next time I’m up at the end of the month :+1:

Nice one :+1:. Glad he liked it, hope he enjoys the real thing when you take him.
It ain’t half nice and peaceful sitting in Happy Valley, looking out over the bay with views of the pier
We go back around May for a few days. Can’t wait :grin:

Cheers John👍.
Epic, Professional…i don’t know :rofl:,but I’ll take the compliment!
I’ve taken my time with this one and put a bit of thought and effort into it. I was concerned it was going to be a bit long, but I had loads of footage and didn’t want to skip any of the locations or just brush over them. I tried making it a little more interesting with mauling around with cropping and zooming plus putting the info in.

Looks like it worked…it kept your attention :+1::joy:

I have spent many happy hours on the Great Orme flying R.C. sailplanes. The vidio shows most of the sites. Well done, you have made my day.

The effort shows, what a great job. Seems lame to just echo others but well done and thanks for sharing.

I’ll take lame all day long if it your comment echo’s some of the comments above :+1:. Thank’s David.