Project help

Would anyone be willing to help me with a project?

I have a ring flash for a camera that I want to cross polarise so i need two plates made, both of the same dimensions to sandwitch my polarisation film in between.

I will use magnets placed on the solid sections where the modelling lights are as they will not be used to hold the frame to the ring flash.

This is an experiment I am carrying out for photogrammetry, to purchase a pro rig is in excess of £600 and for an experiment I can’t justify that sort of outlay.

If anyone is interested and can give me a rough quote I would be eternally grateful.

Excuse my very rough sketch.

Do you mean something like this?
if not, cut something out of paper/card and post it

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Exactly like that.

can you confirm thickness and dimensions.
this shows a 5mm clamping surface, or should it be larger?
and would a 3d printed item work?

I will have access to a set of callipers tomorrow so can confirm accurate dimensions then.

Thickness is not critical 2mm would suffice, 2 pieces would be 4mm so that would be rigid enough. I will put my film between the 2 pieces and bond them together with hotglue or Araldite or such like, so the outer edge dimensions would need to be oversized to give me some material to bond to, and glue magnets to the solid parts to fix to the ringflash.

Yes printed parts I think would be ideal.

the inner and outer clamping rings could be different widths in case you want a 'stronger hold on the outer ring

Good evening, I can verify that the measurements are good, the actual flash light aperture is 20mm wide, the outer diameter of the frame could go to 130mm and the inner diameter could be 75mm, that will give me some material to bond to.

hi Phil, that doesn’t make sense to me, I blame it on my age. It is probably best to save my 2nd image above and replace my dimensions with what you need.

Yep, sorry, I confused myself. Overthinking it. Leave it with your original dimensions. If you can do it what is the cost likely to be?

Oh and blame it on my age, not yours.


Printing costs is only around £1.80 + postage (large letter). Just dm me with an address and your preferred postage method and I will send you PayPal details.