Prop and motor combination

I’m looking for new props to pair up with my 2205 2300kv Emax motors. I’m after something with a bit more oomph for speed runs at the Big Meet. I’ve done alot of Googling and YouTube watching but can’t decide what to go for. I think I know the answer to this but will 5151 props be too aggressive for my motors? Any recommendations for out and out speed?

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I run 5140’s :+1:t2:

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Have you ever tried the more aggressive pitches Deano? I’m currently running 5045 which seem pretty good but just trying to squeeze an extra few mph out of my motors lol I will be changing my motors at some point but won’t be just yet so trying to get the max out of the current motors :+1:t2:

Your motors should be fine, on my 2204 2300kv motors I’m running 5x4.5 props quite easily. However they will have a higher current draw so make sure your ESC’s are up to it.

If you want to model the results this simulator is quite accurate.

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This is not recommended.
That’s the disclaimer out the way!
Get the 5151 props, charge your lipo on HV setting and flick the throttle boost on betaflight to 10 :wink:
And do it WITH the wind :grin:

But it bloody flies, great fun :+1::+1:


That throttle boost was AMAZING!

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I can see my record being smashed at the meet

Cheers Nidge I have 50A esc’s so they should handle the current draw :crossed_fingers:t2: thanks for the link to the simulator, that’ll give me something to mess around with later :grinning:

I didn’t even know there was a boost in betaflight Karl :astonished: so basically dial everything up to 10 and wait for the fireball :comet: :rofl:

Won’t be by me mate but I’m sure there are 1 or 2 others that will have a good crack at it :grin:

Just about to suggest eCalc.

The free version doesn’t run calculations for all combinations of prop, weight, frame, battery and motor.

I have a paid copy that does all the calculations

@SirGunner - Steve, if I can calculate anything for you drop me a message :slight_smile:

The lipo when I landed was red hot. Looking at it, the insulation tape I put on it has melted

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That looks fantastic Rob :+1:t2: out of curiosity how much is the full version? Really appreciate the offer of calculations :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t mind roasting a battery or two in the name of science but I will need some to carry on flying with :joy:

Peanuts in comparison to a lot of stuff out there!

$ 8.29 for a year’s subscription

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Thats actually quite reasonable. I think I will subscribe for a year and see how much I use it. Thanks for that Rob :+1:t2:

I got my monies worth out of it, renew every year :+1:

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I’ve just paid for 12 months by credit card but I’ve not had any login details sent through? Did it take a while for you guys for the details to come through?

Ok so it turns out I was so excited to sign up for Ecalc that when I did so I miss typed my own email address :man_facepalming: Contacted Ecalc support and they corrected my mistake within around 30mins. That’s pretty good service I think :+1:t2:

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