Prop guards

Who uses prop guards???

Not guilty…

Although I think @Londroner perhaps should… :wink:


I’ve not used them … P2 or MP … only on my Cheerson micro-drone to stop props lasting hours (or less in the early days) when flying it about the living room and hitting everything. I don’t bother on that, any more.

I’ve read people that have put them on larger quads because they were going to (intentionally) fly between trees and their foliage … but the only consequence when impact with the twigs was made was that their quad was left dangling, many feet in the air, caught on the prop guards. Double edged sword, that one.

Only for the very first few flights when getting the hang of things, after that they have been sat in the box

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I haven’t on the Mavic Air, I have been putting my trust in the obstacle avoidance!

Only problem so far was clipping my fingertip when distracted doing a hand catch (that hurt!:flushed:) but I don’t think the prop guards wouldn’t have made any difference.

Haha. Another thing not to do - post your mistakes to the club so they can make you the butt of cheap jokes for ever more! :wink: