PwC strategy view on Drones contribution to the Economy

Ok, I know this is a bit deep;)…bear with…

I saw a teaser ad in the Sunday Times (dont judge me, LOL), from PwC (one of the big 4 accounting and strategy firms)… they were talking about drones revolutionising engineering etc etc

Link is here: Drones could add £42bn to UK GDP by 2030 - PwC research.

If the link doesnt work, then google PwC and Drones.

I just thought this is a Good News story to balance some of the Nonsense Stories…

If these boys want to get their teeth into it … then there must be a “money” in it

What do you think?

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PS Apols if this is old news…

  • Over 76,000 drones could be in the UK skies in 12 years’ time

Wonder how many of them will be Amazon branded? :wink:

I think they’ve underestimated the agricultural use of drones. It’s 2018 now and the use of drones in ag is already exploding :+1:t2:

Are there any UK manufacturers of drones? :thinking:

I intend to push the use of drones commercially.

The Phantom 4 RTK is a complete game changer. Looking at one tomorrow. I’m from a civil engineering background and this thing is the cat’s nads if it does all that it claims.

K4 UAV will be investing.