Quadtalk live stream

Hey Guys,

Decided to start a new thread for this as my streaming and videos are diversifying a little…

every fortnight i am doing a live stream called “quad talk” i try and get a special guest on to talk about the hobby and or what they are doing, where they started etc and of course take questions from you guys in the chat.

This saturday night at 20:00 i am proud to say i have one of the largest model aircraft people possible on the show… Painless360.

I really hope you can join us for this as its not one to be missed!

tonight i will be talking with frame designer doomedfpv


join me and currykitten tomorow at 20:00 for quadtalk

Tonight im joined by SyncFPV recently featured on team blacksheeps instagram for his epic gap dive at “powerloop palace”

hey guys,

iv managed to get Joshua Bardwell to come on my little webshow…


That’s a biggie :+1: