Query on NATS hobbyists training. Payment?

Just done the course where it states that you may as a hobbyist accept payment with the permission of the CAA. I was under the impression that only PfCO qualified could charge a payment. Can some one give me a reference for that statement please

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I think your answer is in PfCO.

Permission for Commercial Operations.

A hobbyist can ask CAA for permission subject to proof of competence which then makes them a PfCO holder.

I take your point but the test is designed for hobbyists who as I understand it cannot accept payment. So surely the answer to that question should be no?

I’ve not looked at the test yet so unsure of context but anyone can fly for money if they have permission from the CAA (PfCO).

As I recall the answer is “yes with permission of the CAA.”

And the CAA will give you permission by saying certainly once you have proved your competence by passing the tests for PfCO. Not the best worded question I agree.

One close to the beginning about if you have read the manufacurers manual you are familiar with the aircraft seemed wrong to me. You can read a manual cover to cover but it doesn’t necessarily make you competent.

Still it’s only a test with no standing or use to gain registration so not worth worryig over.

No doubt the official test will be equally flawed.


“where it states that you may as a hobbyist accept payment”

i dont think it does say that. the word hobbyist isnt mentioned.

It is in the title of the test.

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Test was too easy. Flew through the questions without watching the awful animation


yes, in the title of test, but not in the question.

even if it were in the question the answer would be the same - you can take payment if you have CAA permission.

The term hobbyist is a generalisation, it is not a definition, legal or otherwise.

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i.e. PfCO cheers.