Question about sd card

I take it this is good enough for my mavic 2 zoom, I’m new to this and just checking, sorry if this has already been covered

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Should be fine with that, I use that make/ type just about all the time in my Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 Pro.

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As Chris said, will be fine with that card, is it a good price and from a reputable retailer?

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Amazon have the 32 gb ones on their site today at £12 odd.

Got it from Amazon £27

the only thing you may have a prob with is th A2 rating designed for tablet and phones, i know the cgo3 cam on my typhoon cant see them had to use the A1 cards instead.:grin:

Got a picture of a drone at top and faster than A1 so thought it would be ok

I use same card with M2P


I got 2 128gb v30 u3 a2 to go in typhoon camera but it didn’t see them. Works ok in the ground station because it has an android tablet built in but didn’t work in cam so got 2 64gb v30 u3 a1 which work fine