Question about the "Other Risks" layer

Hi, I have seen some posts regarding the NOTAM layer but nothing on “Other Risks” layer.
At post code LA11 7LT (Flookburgh) there is a large ringed area which states it is in the “Other Risk zone” but I cannot see any explanation as to what they mean?
Can I fly a drone in such an area or not?
I am planning a holiday in the area and would love to fly out into Morecambe Bay.
Cheers in advance for any info.

its a parachute zone. its a yellow warning zone and is just making you aware that you may encounter other airspace users. there is no flight restriction in the area just a warning to be mindful when you are flying. stick to the drone code and you’ll fine :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the screenshot @DeanoG60

@Kev197 did you not click on the yellow circle? :thinking:

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Hi guys,
Thank you very much, it never occurred to me to click in the zone which then reveals all the data required. I am still very new to all of this but learning all the time.
Thanks again.