Quick blast round the village (Litchi Mission)

As the title really

5.3KM waypoint mission quickly cobbled together when we got a break in the clouds, speeded up to 10x in FCPX to hold my/your interest when watching it back


Nice! What drone are you using? Have you had any issues with gimbal wobble due to wind when flying sideways? I have a similar mission around my village but in the same spot it wobbles.

@OzoneVibe reckons it was wind so I reduced speed by 10kph in that area. It helped (proving Dave was right) but is still there :frowning:

Nice one.

great “Mission” Chris, always nice to see a jpg of the route, gives others the idea to give it try.
To admit, I have Litchi, but, as yet not given it try, must put it on my “to do” list this summer !.
It’s a case of “trust” in doing it I guess !.
Will have to try a small mission round my local park !.
I know a lot of the Guys on here swear by it !

I dont think its as bad as that first time you lose VLS in the early days of flying.

I started off with little missions round the street or local field, then just increased them in length.

This one is about 5.3KM and I did lose RC signal a few times, I wasn’t far from the drone but not pointing at it due to looking at screen and sun glare etc.

I would go as far as saying that the waypoint missions are the safest way to fly (as long as you have your heights right), all the data is uploaded to the drone so as long as it has a GPS fix to start with all its doing is hitting points before returning back to the start.

Going to get Litchi the end if this month i think. Does look really good f.p. would be nice to b able launch the drone and have it doing orbits during the fireworks, more or less autonomously, whilst i fire the display

Hi @helo2, and welcome to GADC!

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