Quick dash to Plymouth Breakwater

I had to do trials on a Royal Navy Pacific 24 today so I stuck a Go-Pro to the console.
The video does not do justice to the speed but 38 knots was quite fast enough thankyou! LOL


Bit more swell today!


Looks fun!
I’m from London so I don’t get much sea activity, but this week I’m in devon and I’ve been out on fishing boats, rib rides, ect, and water traveling is way more fun than I expected. I’d love to hit 38 knots some day (or even faster :laughing:)

The RIB in the second video is a straight 4 P22 and only doing about 25 knots.
I also do trials on V8 Yanmar powered P24 Mk4 RIB’s that can go up to 42 knots full chat and get up there quickly. Strange that the Defence Police are also using them! LOL

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Do you reckon any of your drones could catch up to it? might be cool to do some shots while your mate drives