Quick play with Osmo pocket


That’s because there’s no money left for the electricity meter and the house is in total darkness. :wink:


Not trying to knock the Pocket Osmo one little bit - it looks really impressive - but for something like timelapse there are some superb phone apps.

Some write to images that it then stitches to video afterward, some write straight to video.
This was created on a really old Samsung SGS3 (so it definitely doesn’t need a lot of processing power!) using Framelapse Pro - direct to video.

… and, of course, many newer phones have it built into the camera app.

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Even better if you use those on the phone with a osmo mobile 2
Tho I rarely use mine I was thinking of selling it but as you can buy them for about 100 quid might as well keep it

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Errr - yes - that’s really where I was heading. An existing phone and the Mobile 2 is a lot cheaper than a Pocket.

That vid was just the phone on a sucker phone bracket on the windscreen.

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Cheap at the mo does active track and all sorts thro dji go app

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That’s really smooth!

I’ve got a turns pro I use with an A6000 to add motion to timelapses.

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No disrespect to @GrahameRob, but can you imagine how cool that would be on a beach or other exotic location.

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Keep an eye on www.scan.co.uk they had DJI refurbs for £89 not so long agao


Wallsend is an exotic place :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I certainly am!!!


I have friends in Byker who holiday there :wink:


Is that what has created the scrolling movement from left to right?

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Wallsend is full of skinny lads wearing Nike air trainers, tracky bottoms, no shirt/vest carrying a can if Stella so it must be exotic :rofl::rofl:

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If you use it standalone you can have 2 movements. But if you connect it to your phone you have 4 movements then disconnect from the phone after programmed and just leave it for the duration of the timelapse.

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You are not making this easy for the rest of us :laughing:


Making it very hard to say no… indeed!

I have the DJI gimble for my phone, but this is a whole new level.

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I caved…

Bought an Osmo Mobile 2 on Argos earlier in the week to take with me on a family trip this weekend.

Used/tested it once the day after I got it, returned it to Argos the following day for a full refund :confused:

It’s a great gadget and mind blowingly stable - even with an iPhone XR, but it’s just too unwieldy to be useful in every day life.

It was great while I filmed something for five minutes when out, but I it took me longer to set the phone up in the Osmo than it did to film my stuff. I then had to carry the Osmo for the rest of the duration :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, I caved again…

Bought the Osmo Pocket later that same day :confused:

First impressions?

Shit me it’s tiny

I’m also blown away by the boot time. From cold boot to actually recording, under five seconds :clap:t2:

Battery life? Yet to be determined but after three days of good use it’s still going strong.

Must-have accessories guys? Wireless base/stand I’m guessing? :thinking:


Same here.
Had a look at Jeff’s @sparkman999 Osmo Pocket
And when I say look, he was very protective and wouldn’t let me get my hands on it.
Had a look on YouTube at a couple of the videos and was seriously impressed.
Like you say Rich @PingSpike I think the wireless base is a must have.

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Was thinking of this, but don’t need another memory card

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Painting a bad picture of me again…
Bloody Yorkshire men no wonder they have issues with the colour of roses