Quick release props for Mavic Mini?

Is there such a thing as a quick release prop for the mavic mini. I’m assuming it would need an adapter the screw on motors but would be handy for something I’m using the drone for next month…

Not that I’ve seen, but watching this thread with curiosity.

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On a similar irk, what are you guys using to secure the props (preferably something that fits in the combo case)

In the flymore case, nothing :man_shrugging:

On the move, one of these:

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On a similar irk, what are you guys using to secure the props (preferably something that fits in the combo case

Do you think this is too excessive?

I’m using the screwdriver it came with :man_shrugging:

Well, if I ever need to change the props I will, it’s in the case.

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Speaking of little things missing

Do they not come with the controller clip thingy included on the Mini?

Anyone got a costing to make one?

I replaced the (fragile) ribbon cable with a right angled braided cable.

Do the Mavic Pro clips not fit? :thinking:

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These !!! Fit right into the existing space in the flymore case

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Should be fine, just make sure it’s not set to hammer :+1:

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Thats why I love this place, geekery and good memories.

I got the MP box from the loft and sure enough along with spare cables are 3 clips ;o)

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I take it they fit ok?

I didn’t actually try, I’m just guessing they’ll be the same size.

Ive only ever used the lightening lead with the one that, I think was fitted to the MP controller.

In the MP box was the Micro USB and USB C versions still in their sealed packets, one packet had 2 ‘blocks’ in and the other 1, they all look the same.

Short answer, yes they fit (first one I tried)

Where did you manage to get a short braided from ?

Have you used one of the ‘reversible’ usb leads for the square’er usb micro conectors (like the mavic controllers)


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Is there any shop other than Amazon? :slight_smile:

I think it was this one:


I think…

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No argument here

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