Quirks of the Mini 3 Pro - new user

Just started getting to grips with my first drone, a Mini 3 Pro and have noticed a couple of quirks that might catch newbies out (as they did me).

  • Raw files are not visible in the DJI RC interface, nor are they transferred to the app using Quick Transfer. You have to extract raw files directly from the card by hooking up the drone to your computer or using a card reader.
  • Raw files appear to have a resolution of 960x720 according to the preview pane in Windows 11 and in the Windows Photos app. I believe this is the size of the embedded jpg - the DNG file opens in editing software at 4032x3024 as expected.
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This has caught me out and I don’t understand as the dng files are just over 24,000 KB and appear to blotchy low resolution in a standard photo viewer. Do you know which editing software I should be using (preferably free!).

I use Lightroom, Photoshop and Affinity Photo - all these have to be purchased (subscription for LR/PS). Affinity is about £50 but often appears on offer for half that. GIMP is the free editor most people seem to like but the learning curve can be steep, apparently.

Those are the “preview” jpg images that are burnt into the RAW files so that the image can be “previewed” (without necessarily having the software to open the RAW file). :wink:

This explains that aspect of it to me thank you raichea. ! :grinning:

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Yes, I mentioned that this was probably the embedded jpg dimensions. I’ve never seen that before though. My ‘proper’ camera previews with the size of the raw file so either it has a larger embedded jpg or it somehow fakes the size to match the raw image. I’ve never examined how the jpg is stored, so either is possible.

@Davent While most people go for photoshop which is subscription based, I use Paintshop Pro. Yes it cost money (one off payment), but it works well and is easier to use than GIMP which is free.