R/C TX extra Aux channel module?

So I was just thinking about the limit on the number of switches on my Jumper T-Lite.

I love the controller, but only having 4 aux switches can be limiting when thinking about all the possible things that could be switched.

I know I could upgrade to a bigger controller, but I don’t want to. :slight_smile:

It occurred to me that of course it has a Trainer port than can accept a PPM signal from another controller or a head-tracker, which can then be mapped onto the spare aux channels… but I don’t really want to plug another whole controller in.

Is there any sort of mini-expansion box thing that has just switches and knobs on it which outputs PPM that can then be input into the main controller through the trainer port?

I’m thinking either a ready-made item, or more likely some sort of home-made thing?

You can mix the existing aux switches. I.e. a 3 way and 2 way become a 6 way instead of 5, a 3 way and 3 way become 9 way instead of 6.

Interesting… and something to consider. But… not what I asked… :wink:

So… I think I see a way…

You’d have a PWM generating circuit for each extra aux channel, this could be switchable,etc…

Then feed the PWM signals into one of the readily available PPM encoders.

Heh, I suppose the PWM signal could be generated from a servo tester.

Cant you just use a little mini arduino and a few switches?

But then I’d need code.

I’m just quite surprised this has not been done before.

@Steviegeek is a dab hand with the code I think. But he’s on holiday

Course it’s been done before, by buying a TX16S lol…

Know what you mean though it is a chunky radio, I’ve been ooooohhh about the smaller controllers but now esp as gone fixed wing glad got the switches! Need more channels now and learn the mixing of 2 switches to one aux