RaceGOW - 2!

Have been posting in other threads, but I decided to make a seperate thread for it (if admins want to delete/remove link to other posts, then fair do).

I know @yith and @Brengun (and I think @Earwig too) had a go at IGOW last year and it has improved their abilities loads!

I have been going to indoor whoop meets, round a track, and TBH I’m pretty poop at it, and saw RaceGOW on one of Bardwells streams, looked into it, and thought why not. It’ll improve my flying I’m sure! Also with RID, rules, etc being added, flying indoors is the future for the FPV hobby.

My goal… NOT to come last!

For the PVC piping I picked it up from toolstation (make sure your car can fit 3m long poles BTW, oops!)

1 set of pipes (£19.28), 4 elbows (4 x £0.84 = £3.36), and 6 Ts (6 x £0.94 = £5.64), grand total spent of £28.28. 3D printed a few of the 4 and 5 way connectors (I’d recommend printing more of the 5 ways for helping it stand on the ground).

Velocidrone with the micro addon to learn and practice the course (ergh I find that so hard to do!)…

Not had a go in the real world yet, but will likely do that tomorrow!

Should be some fun, hoping don’t get too bored, and we’ll see!


OK, actually tried to “race” in real life… Actually really pleased that after 5/6 packs managed to get three laps together. More grinding before Sundays deadline!

PS. my lounge is too small, so much hitting sofas, and doors were done before (and after) this!

Edit: and yes my one lap time is slower than mosts 3 lap times, but hey you gotta start somewhere!

Nicely done! I know how difficult this really is… * Spoiler: it’s really bloody difficult! *


Well got there in the end. In time for the final submission. I setup the track and didn’t fly it for 2 weeks! I managed 48 in velocidrone, got down to 42/41 seconds with a 25 degree camera angle. My aim for this track 1 was not to come last (who knows), and also to beat 40 seconds… (that first 3 lap was 48ish) Did I manage it? Here’s the video I submitted for it…

I agree it really is difficult @Rookery watching those preview videos a few weeks ago, and was like… No way can I even remember the course, even on velocidrone it was hard. I stuck with it though.

Now to put my lounge back in one piece… At least for a few days until I setup track 2!


Less than 4 seconds behind Bardwell. I’ll take that!

You can still enter, and miss one week, all you whoop owners. Boy it’s improved my skills and reactions!


I know from painful personal experience that trying to do stuff this tight against the clock with a whoop is a highly effective (i.e. brutal!) way of dispelling any illusions you may have about how good a pilot you really are! :grinning: Sub-13 second laps is great.

I’m really hoping to be in for the next round. Annoyingly, having twiddled my thumbs at home through January, RaceGOW launched just as things at work kicked off again.

At the moment I’m sticking with the idea that I want to fly purely acro - even if, as Bardwell was saying about himself, I’d probably gain a couple of seconds flying angle - as my main motivation is to sharpen my acro skills. But let’s see how long my ego can take the kicking of languishing at the bottom of the rankings before I give angle a go!

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I’d given up on it, having built the track and then stepped over it for 2 weeks or using as a clothes horse. Only as he added 48 hours to the deadline I actually bothered! I met my goals for track 1. I know you only have to do 3 of 6 for some of the prizes, so yeah enter! More the merrier.

Good luck with that… I can’t imagine trying that in acro and tweaking the settings over and over. The main IGOW is for acro surely? Then again, if you wanna improve your Acro skills, go for it. We do these things for different reasons (mine was just to get better at racing). Does whoop based acro translate well to a 3.5/5inch quad?

Then again I might stick my rates on it (not setup for acro atm), and give that a bash! Having at least till Sunday off though for this one. You get 3 weeks don’t you?

143rd out of 212 entries. Not too shabby for first go!



Not shabby at all! :slight_smile:

As far as the acro question goes, rumour is that the quickest guys are mostly flying acro now because they can fly more aggressive lines (split S, dive gates, etc)

Not that this applies to me, given the very slooooow speed at which I’m generally flying!

But it would be interesting to know. I think flight mode was one of the entry form questions? So maybe Skittles will share the stats at some point.

How are you finding Track 2?

Why thanks

Yeah apparently. Skittles is angle I believe. I know a quick whoop pilot, and he’s just trying to move to acro from angle, were discussing it on Saturday at the meet. He tried track 2 a few times in acro, then switched back to angle and hammered it. But guess that’s time and practise.

It’s flipping horrible, and just worked out… I can’t see it… white on white… I can’t see the damned track! (14 seconds per lap maybe?)

I mean seriously, how am I menna see that? Ordered some paint going to try tomorrow, though others saying to wrap some tape around it!

that’ll make the squares smaller :laughing:

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Will see if it helps soon. Trying blue and red. Said prmary colours besti

OK, only half as small

Haham they quite big tbh. Just finished… Let’s see how it flies

@stevesb this work better than vinyl sheets? It’s definitely far better than without tape!

Looks good. It’s probably easier than vinyl. I’ll still get a selection together for you so you will have the option.
I’ve bought the pipe and conectors for Sacha, just got to get the 4/5 ways printed. That may take a while. :laughing:

I dunno mate, that was quite tricky tbh. Would have been easier if I took the track apart… Got loads of spare pipes, will cut more to size and going to try paint, and even he vinyl when you get hands on some, try different things, got a few tracks to go yet! (Be ncie to manage 3 laps quick around this one tbh!)

Haha, nice one. A wooden 3d printer… those connectors only take 15 mins surely?

I’m looking for the hollow ones did you find others? Will make some LED gates at some point… Next thing… Lap timer!

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Not found any so going to draw some up on cad.

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The grind is on, come and time same laps for me! lol


This get a live stream badge? haha

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Are you planning on painting the room or the gates?! :grinning:

Weirdly, I think I like track 2 better… on track 1 I really struggled with that initial 270° turn round/over the double gate, going straight into the 180° through the top section of the gate. Basically cos my throttle management is weaker when I’m turning right than when I’m turning left!

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