Radiomaster Zorro vs Jumper T-lite v2 (4 in 1)

Hello GADC,
Due to the Jumper being about £100 cheaper than the Zorro, it had me thinking whether there was a big difference between them that i was missing? (apart from the module mW difference)
Thanks in advance!

Where did you look? I know the Jumper is a bit cheaper, but I’ve not seen that big of a difference.

Zorro is around £110 and in stock from UMT, The Jumper T-Lite is about £70 and out of stock at UMT.

Zorro does need batteries, but they’re not much, not sure if the Jumper comes with them.

For me the bigger screen on the Zorro makes a difference, as I have it displaying telemetry from the model and being able to see that clearly at a glance is important to me.

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Oh ok, the screen difference makes sense. I saw the 4 in 1 version of Zorro for about £150 but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places

Ah nevermind, you are right. the Zorro is about 110, I was 100% looking in the wrong places. Either way I will probably end up going with the jumper just for the cheaper price.

Yeah, looks like that one can only be got from China, nobody local has stock.

In terms of functionality it will do you perfectly well, and it can be upgraded with an ELRS or Crossfire module when you’re ready to move up a notch.