RAF Chilmark Nuclear Bunker

Flight around RAF Chilmark Nuclear Bunker.


Interesting . I wonder who would have occupied it if it had been used!

In the event of Nuclear war, the local government would of occupied it.

used to work in the one at High Wycombe, didnt care for it much.

What did you use to do inside the bunker.

I worked on the communications and IT down there, there was a lot of air defence stuff, pictures from all the east coast radars, also its where they used to manage the RAFs IT network - CCIS. Not sure what is there now, I left Wycombe in 2002.

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Did you experience any squeaky bum time :poop:, when you thought this is it.

Not at high wycombe, apart from that one time i woke up beside a right a right moose and thought “im never drinking again”.

had some less than tremendous days in Afganistan though. That was a 6 month detatchment with the army.