RAF Thorpe Abbotts Re-work


A short video of some footage taken at Former USAF Station Thorpe Abbotts. Home of the100th Bomb Group, also known as the “bloody 100th”


Thanks for this. This is my favourite place in England, it has a special feel about it. I cherish the memories of walking in warm sunshine, along the lanes with my beloved wife and dog. Of riding side by side with my son on our motorcycles, enjoying the freedom that the young men of the 8th Air Force, and in particular the men of the Hundredth bomb group, fought and gave their lives for.
I have been privileged to have met many of the surviving veterans and their families when they have returned for a pilgrimage, listened to their tales of combat 5 miles above the skies of Hitlers ‘fortress Europe’.
I intend to hopefully get down this year and do some filming for myself.
Thank you for posting.

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You’re welcome Brian, glad you liked this. It is indeed a wonderfully atmospheric place. This was a permission visit from the museum. I am hoping to go back in the summer to do another shoot. :+1:

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If you do manage to get there in summer I would be chuffed to bits to see your vids. You’ve made what was a particularly challenging week into a lovely ending seeing this vid so unexpectedly pop up.

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Thanks Brian, that means a lot, really appreciate the positive response. I will make sure the next visit is posted here so you can see it! :grin:

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Thorpe Abbotts is a very evocative and interesting place to visit, and I loved your video. Not forgetting , of course, that the descendants of the 100 Bomb Group are the 100th Air Refuelling Wing, currently flying out of Mildenhall, the only current USAF unit to display a WW2 tail symbol, the “square D”!


Thanks, glad you liked it. I also didn’t know that so that’s interesting to know! :+1:

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That’s correct.