RAF Upwood

Latest video folks. There is also an extended cut on my youtube channel that gives you a better idea of the size of he place.

Wish i had found this sooner, its set for demolishion this year.


I have played Airsoft at this location and it was so much fun running around all the old buildings. I understand that it must be becoming more and more unsafe, but it is a shame to see all these cool locations slowly disappear.

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My Dad worked there at one time, not quite sure why as he was in the Navy. Vaugely remember driving around from one bit to another, probably from his quarters to the Officers Mess

If anyone is interested, here is my exploration video. Also my first ever video with the Osmo Pocket. (still alot to learn on that score.)

This is on my too fly list

Hi There Fella!

Im shooting a music video hopefully for my friend very soon at RAF upwood,

I was wondering whether I could possibly use some of your drone footage in the video? As it is absolutely stunning!

Please message or email me :slight_smile:


Kind Regards :slight_smile:

Ross Ekins

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