Range test.. Tick

Finally got all the parts working together, boshed across the valley scared a few sheep, flew like a bird! This is why I got into this hobby

Range was good, a bit of jello, maybe a wonkey prop but I am very happy with that! Avoiding catastrophic failures was nice for a change…

Still seems that if I invert the gyro freaks out so vanilla flying only


Very weird distortion on the video as you flew… not sure if that is Youtube but it just looked like it couldnt keep the frame rate high enough at times…

Welcome to the wonderful world of jello…

The footage is from a go pro knock off strapped to the top. Vibrations from the motors/props throw of the scanning in the camera…

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Really smooth, with a capital “Smooooo”.

Even with the jello it was still a pleasure to watch.

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Thanks dude. It was a great flight after all the problems I’ve had…I really needed the boost

Like I said… I was worried about the quad dropping from the sky if I did any dramatic manoeuvring so kept the fancy stuff on the down low…(not that I got any fancy stuff, if course!)

Really nice flying, range seems really good! that’s the kind of flight video that drew me to drone flying in general and FPV manual flying in particular :+1: