Rannoch Moor (the video)

Here’s another little bit from my weekend up at Rannoch Moor. I asked the owners of the hotel we stayed at if they’d mind me abusing their hotel to practice some videography.

Lessons learned trying to edit together what ended up as a minute of video:

  • Start and end the maneuverer at least 20 seconds before/after the shot I’m aiming for so there’s something to edit in and out with.
  • If I think another angle might make a nice shot, finish the one I’m flying first and resist the urge to change direction for a wee look.
  • Cinema mode is my friend
  • I am not nearly as good at hand-flying around a point-of-interest as the Mavic is.

My trusty 7-year-old Macbook has taken since Sunday to edit and render this (seems like a good excuse for an upgrade). My wife says the music needs to be more ‘moody’ and a little more ‘Scottish’… so if I find something better and can face another three days of rendering I might do a “version 2”.

Please critique away - I think this may be only the second or third video I’ve edited together with drone footage so there’s plenty to learn.


Cracking video @JoeC nice edit, love the colour.
What do you use to edit (I assume Final Cut Pro as you have a Mac), did you colour grade as well?
Music works with the video.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, I use Final Cut Pro. I have a license for Premier Pro through work, and have been trying to move over to it so I’m not tied to the Mac so much… but if I’m honest, I’m struggling to figure it out where FCP just makes sense.

I have SkyGrades’ LUTs for colour grading and tweaked things just a little once they were applied… with so little experience, not sure I’d achieve anything like the results from scratch.

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I tried Premier Pro through my work, could not get a handle on it.
I have been using FCP for a number of years, to me, it’s just intuitive, every thing makes sense.
Keep up the good work.

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Love Rannoch Moor, thanks for posting!!!

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