Ravenscar, the town that never was ( Found on Youtube )

Found on Youtube, a film showing the location of the planned town of Ravenscar


Walked around there a couple of times, mostly parked there and walked to Robin Hoods Bay.

Such a weird place. Very little there compared to how much was planned.

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Great vid mate; a mini documentary. Outstanding :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for posting this. It’s an interesting story and I’m intrigued by the idea of buying a virtual plot to virtually recreate the original town as explained on the website www.thetownthatneverwas.co.uk

If we all bought a plot we could have our own virtual community - a space to fly drones without interference!


I’m plan on going there at somepoint soon.

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Amazing I used to live down the road in Cloughton. Beautiful part of the world.

Back in the early '70s I went there on holiday a couple of times - stayed at Cober Hill hotel :slight_smile:


Did a couple of summer seasons working there 1984/85 while still at school

Thats never the place they did school trips to is it?

Probably Neil, it was owned by the Rowntree foundation

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around that time. Just Googled it and yes it is. Great memories of school trip there. Never could remember till today exactly where it was and the name.

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We walked the trail from Robin Hood’s Bay to Ravenscar and back some years. Beautiful views, had no idea about any of this. Fascinating! Very informative piece of footage.

Excellent footage and overlays.

Great footage and an interesting story

That was amazing love those secret places time forgot.

I stayed at Cober Hill in the 70’s on a school trip.

Wow tiny world

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