Raw photo test on Mini 2

I’ve been playing with the new Mini 2 again today just to see what the RAW photos are like to edit and what the quality is like compared to JPG when editing in RAW.

Its quite sunny today so I put an ND8 filter on the Mini 2, although maybe it would have been fine without it and a higher shutter speed. I used manual exposure, and to ensure I didn’t over expose the lighter cloud areas I under-exposed the whole image and then brought it back in RAW using Lightroom.

The darker image is the original shot un-edited.
The lighter image is edited back from RAW with some different masks applied to allow me to set different light and colour settings in the sky, the middle ground and the trees at bottom.

Honestly, RAW is great for colour editing information but in terms of detail, there isn’t much difference from the JPGs that I can see. I think this is a result of the sensor size on the camera not capturing as much detail as a larger drone. When you zoom into the image you can see the detail break down a bit.

Anyway thought it might interest some of the photography guys considering the Mini2. Its a great drone but it (obviously) can’t quite match the detail of a Pro-Drone setup with larger sensor. However the images for social media etc look great.


Got to love a RAW file and a bit of processing.


Ah the old ND filter on still photography debate :wink:

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TBF I slapped it on for the video I was shooting (more boring tree tops :slight_smile: ) so it was on when I took the photos. I will def do another photo without the ND filter because they’re only cheap ones from Amazon and MAY well be affecting my image quality (but I doubt it! I think this is all down to the tiny sensor)

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Wouldn’t it be great if someone would device a way to take it in or out when on air?
Moreover with the selection that comes with the MA2 fly more combo (16, 64 and 256)

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