Reading train station night & day


I think I would class them all as evening shots… definitely not night and day, since the lights are on in all of them, However maybe it comes down to the fact that filming with a drone, in broad daylight, in Reading, close to the train station, might bring you a lot of unwanted attention. so better to wait for evening, take off from an inconspicuous location, anyone out at that time would be hard pressed to spot the drone, so far less likely to confront you. You get some nice shots and everyone is happy…

However… If you really want to fly your drone that close to the main rail station (strike or no strike), in Reading, in broad daylight, I will just say this… Rather you than me… Within the law or not, the thought of flying a drone in Reading, where I was born by the way, is not my first or last choice of location

Anyway, some nice shots there.

Taken in …. Yes they was both evening early eve and later eve ( my mistake ) the lighter ones was done from river Thames Caversham & the darker ones was done from the old gas works / river kennet ( take off point ) and tried to follow the river when I can ….

I’d like to think that not flying the drone recklessly & just trying to build up some pics as a hobby that no one ( but yes there’s all ways one :smile: ) maybe I’d be left alone “ so far so good “ I have many other places to go but readings my home town - so just nice to have them in my collection !