Ready to fly(sort of)

New to this drone club so here’s my introduction. Based in East London and recently bought a phantom 3 professional from eBay and nearly a year ago picked up display model phantom 2 in Maplins! Been practicing indoors with a Ryze Tello been advised via you tube to consider the simulator within the DJI app. I’d be interested to know if you guys have tried the simulator prior to flying?
Anyway looks like my options when I eventually get the confidence to fly outside are Richmond Park, Mitcham and Morden Park. Checked out the bye laws in other London spaces and they all look pretty restrictive:-(
So the plan is to try the phantom 2 first as I didn’t pay much for it so it’s not a total disaster if something goes wrong. It’s an early model sans gimbal although I did get a gimbal on eBay plus a Hero 3 so there’s an option there
Hopefully in the next week I can fly. Haven’t seen any other drone flyers out here which I guess shows it’s not easy to fly in London?

But very glad to be here


Firstly welcome :+1:

I have an inspire and tried the simulator and wasn’t a fan if I’m honest, it’s OK for getting used to the controls but it’s completely different when your out on the ground. I prefer to jump in at the deep end, granted your in London so there isn’t many quiet areas to have a play.

If you do choose to play with the simulator the one thing I did try for my kids was to link the controller to the TV as then they were watching the simulator ahead of them as opposed to on the screen attached to the controller rhus getting them into the habit of looking up at the drone instead of down at the screen.

Thanks for the advice. I did the simulator for a hour or two but apart from getting used to the controls, I agree it’s too artificial. So I went out in Wanstead Flats and flew my phantom 3 for the first time. Only few people around and happily most didn’t bat an eyelid. Will go again this weekend. Hopefully this a much nearer option than Richmond Park or Mitcham. Richmond does look a better bet for aerial photography though

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