Really looking to get an fpv drone - Can anyone in Preston help?

Hi am interested in fpv to add to my drone collection and was there someone round the Preston area that I could possibly meet to discuss options/ hints and tips to get into the world of fpv have watched a lot of YouTube on the matter maybe I should just take the plunge or is it better to get a helping hand?

Heh Sam, been there and done that recently. Do it, you won’t regret.

Decisions I made. Analogue, eLRS, and a cheap frame. I am very new. Practice soldering a lot. See the threads in the Racing section, and mine (Eeek first build!)

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Got a mavic 2 and a mini 2 think a fpv is the way to go been reading a lot into digital and analogue (minefield) probably going digital it’s where I feel the freestyle side is going that way thinking about a bind and fly and start a build alongside what’s your opinion

PRESTON…Where ??? Lol

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Digital is expensive still and not settled. I was thinking about it myself, but stopped when I realised how much money I’d be putting up in the air to crash and/or lose. (and you will crash a LOT to start with)

Analogue is cheap as chips, especially if you choose to go with less expensive goggles, though the more expensive ones can be used with digital modules as well.


Digital is expensive, but the visual experience is waaay better than most analogue systems.

My son started with a cheap analogue setup ( Eachine X220S Wizard bundle ) and after seeing the image quality I went straight for a DJI digital system.

First FPV drone I went for a Bind-and-Fly ready built iFlight Titan DC5…then madness struck ( I blame lockdown induced boredom ) and I bought a BNF Titan DC2 then built a Chimera 4. The latter two being relatively small, light, and quiet are ideal for smaller flying fields in built-up areas :+1:

I’m in Thornton, near Blackpool