Reasonably new to freestyle fpv

I’m in the Rossendale area. Are there any fpv clubs near that any of you members go to?

Be good to chat on fpv stiff with other enthusiasts and share the knowledge.

Also, I wondered if anyone has got permission to fly their drones anywhere. I have messaged local RC flight clubs but no responses to wether they have freestyle fpv drones.

All help appreciated,


You could try Drone Circle on FB. They are around your area I think.

Welcome to the group, @Fett. From my experience it can be a very difficult task to sway the traditional RC community around to your way of thinking. In my case I embedded myself into a club on the pretence of wanting to fly fixed wing and then overtime, six years, I managed to subvert them and now we have a sizeable number that fly FPV. I’m also an enthusiastic 3D/sport fixed wing flyer.


Cheers for the response. Perhaps I rock of their days and have a chat.

Cheers, I will go down their thanks for the nudge on it.